Nora Art

Nora Art Corporation  

For over 20 years, NORA Art Products has been manufacturer of artist materials. we are committed to offering top-quality materials at great value for  commercial studios, professional artists & craftspeople, home crafters, do-it-yourselfers, kids & hobbyists.

Nora History

Nora company announced its Brand by getting involved into paper product from Malaysian Brand

The Early Products was mainly based on water-resistant versatile surface papers, suitable for acholic ink painting and later on, Nora has announced, alcohol ink colors made by Indonesian partner company.

Introducing Nora Paper

Nora paper is manufactured employing resin derived from petroleum as the main material. Hence it has properties analogous to the plastic film. Its look is close to that of paper produced from wood pulp. However, Nora Papers have properties just like those of regular paper. With extra advantage which Nora papers were engineered to be durable like plastic to give the best result on being completely non-porous in order to work the best for alcohol inks or alcohol based marker possessing attributes such as bein super smooth, non sticky, tear resistant and water proof on white colored sheets.

NORA papers provide different functionalities 

Nora paper is used for a range of applications in industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as well as food & beverages for printing, packaging and labeling as result of its water-proof and durable. Other important properties include oil resistance, chemical resistance, as well as tear resistance. Addon to this  NORAaper superior performance properties as well as superior printability, resulted in properties high popularity as materials of choice in numerous end user industries.

Durable with ease of printability

Nora papers are tough and also have the property to support high-quality printing. Therefore, Nora papers are employed in any application requiring long-term durability. Nora Paper benchmarked against the other papers, posses tear-resistant, chemical-resistant, water-resistant therefore usually have higher durability and as bonus it possess ease of printability too.

Used in medical, horticultural and chemical applications

A major benefit that Nora paper has over conventional paper is resistance to yellowing and a far longer shelf life. Nora paper is employed in a range of applications needing strength coupled with inbuilt resistance to the elements. For instance, chemical resistant drum labels. Medical applications including labels or patient’s wristbands where it is paramount to have moisture as well as tear resistance. The use of Nora paper is widespread for outdoor tag uses for nursery, lumber tags and miscellaneous horticultural products. it is leveraged for printing horticultural tags for plants as well as trees. Some clients also employed in tags used for labeling different grades of lumber. 

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Introducing Nora Alcohol inks

Nora Alcohol Inks are highly fluid and fast drying. They are also moisture-resistant and permanent once dry, and will work perfectly on almost any clean, oil-free surface. aside from painting, Nora Alcohol inks are also used in stamping, scrapbooking, textile and fine arts. 

Nora Alcohol Inks are made with vibrant dyes that deliver the most brilliant color. The inks color is carried in an ethanol base. this sets them apart from many other alcohol ink brands that use isopropyl alcohol. Using ethanol makes these inks ‘artist’ grade, as it allows a higher concentration of dye to be used in the ink.

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