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Nora Silver Glitter 15 grams

Quantities & Dimensions: 1 pack, 15 grams.

Nora colored glitters are dry, solid, odorless and tasteless powders which been obtained from non-ferrous metal metallurgy. These materials, which are in the form of very fine and compact powders, have various uses in the art section, including the art of resin and the art of alcoholic ink. You can see other items related to this art on Nora Art’s dedicated page.

Nora glitter powder has a very high spreading power over the artwork and it is available in variety of colors. This powder is soluble in all kinds of resins and paints, and in the alcohol ink technique, it can also be added to inks to create very beautiful and unique layers to differentiate the work of art.

Powder type: on-ferrous metal metallurgy glitter.

usage:  resin and Alcohol ink painting.

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